Bringing literature to life…beyond the classroom!

14695346_10154399334415546_16669581417518225_nOn October 17, students from Ms. Acker’s, Ms. Rocco’s, Ms. Williams’, Mr.Mercado’s, and Ms. Handley’s 11th grade English classes traveled to the Sleepy Hollow cemetery in Sleepy Hollow, NY to partake in a two hour historical walking tour. Thanks in large part to a generous contribution from the Bay Shore Students Arts Education Fund, 55 students were able to complement their reading of Washington Irving’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” One student commented “I was, literally, in awe when I saw the Headless Horseman bridge. Being in the surroundings that inspired the story we read in class really helped with my understanding of it.” Many of the new language learners reflected on how they are grateful to have been given the opportunity to attend this unique field trip. For these particular students, this walking tour helped them better understand the American literature they were being taught in the classroom. After the beautiful and educational tour, students enjoyed a picnic lunch at the stunning Rockefeller State Park and Preserve.